bt IndieCast Episode 010 Meet Seth Ferguson

June 20, 2018

This week we talk to musician and host of Foxy & Friends on 94.3 Seth Ferguson.  We cover how local radio can be a part of the scene and help spread the word about local talent.  We also talk to Seth about his lates project "The Seth Ferguson Experience" and what it's like making the solo acoustic to full band move in eastern KY.

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bt IndieCast Episode 009 Meet Anthony Wayne

May 29, 2018

This Episode we sat down with Anthony Wayne.  Anthony is musical  entrepreneur from West Virginia.  Singer, musician, writer.. Anythony has his hand in it all.  We discuss not only his new upcoming release but how the scene is in his area and what's he's doing to help cultivate the area.

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bt IndieCast Episode 008 Meet Matt Moon

May 2, 2018

Today class is in session with Pike Central Highschool Band Director Matt Moon.  We sat down with Matt and dove in to what it's like introducing music to our youth.   You'll be happy to know music is still alive and thriving. Check out our interview below.




About Matt

Matt Moon has been part of the music faculty at Pike County Central High School since 2004 where he directs the Concert Band, Pep Band, Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz Band.  Mr. Moon has served as an adjunct instructor of music at the University of Pikeville and teaches dual credit Music Appreciation courses to Pike Central students.  Mr. Moon earned a Bachelor Degree and Masters Degree in Music Education from Morehead State University, and a Rank I in Educational Leadership from the University of Kentucky.  

bt IndieCast Episode 006 Meet Aaron Lee

March 27, 2018

bt IndieCast Episode 006 - Meet Aaron Lee

On todays episode of bt IndieCast we have Guitarist Aaron Lee.  Aaron is a guitarist for Country Music up and comer Kaitlyn Baker.  We sit down with him at TubeFi Studios and find out what he's up to.  Life as a pop rocker in a Country band and of course what gear he's using on the road.

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bt IndieCast Episode 005 Meet Josh Martin

March 22, 2018

Today's special guest is Josh Martin. Josh is performing March 23 at the Mountain Arts Center and while in town he dropped in to say hi. Find out what Josh has been up to since his move to Nashville!

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bt IndieCast Episode 004 Meet Jason Goble

March 21, 2018

Today we talk with Floyd County native Jason Goble.  Jason is a singer songwriter working hard in his local scene.  We talk about his debut CD release, how he stays so busy playing and more.

Jason Goble

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bt IndieCast Episode 003 Meet Joe Campbell MAC Edition

March 1, 2018

bt IndieCast Episode 003

Meet Joe Campbell


Today we get to take a look behind the scenes at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg KY with our good buddy Joe Campbell.  Joe is the Programming & Marketing Director .  We sit down with Joe and dig in to what it takes to bring bands to the MAC and make it a success.  We also talk about the MAC using our local artist resource for supporting acts.    Check it out and dont forget to subscribe!


Filmed at TubeFi Studios

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bt IndieCast Episode 002 Meet Waylon Nelson

February 21, 2018

In  todays Episode we sit down with Singer Songwriter Waylon Neslon and talk about his upcoming cd release.

About Waylon.

Waylon NelsonA blasphemous bluegrass guitar rhythm played over Appalachian inspired vocal melodies and lyrics that represent the struggle of 21st century millennial from the mountains. It's been a hard fought battle to produce such a sound, but after years of comparing myself to others and never feeling good enough, I have discovered that if you want to follow your dreams, you have to be your on yardstick. 


Recorded by TubeFi Studios in Pikeville KY

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bt IndieCast Episode 001 - Meet The Moondogs

February 13, 2018

Episode 001 of the new bt IndieCast.

An audio and video podcast about regional bands, venues & local music news.


Filmed at TubeFi Studios in Pikeville KY

Hosted by Tony Mullins

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